During this time we want to fight the virus together. Stay at home and we will win. *March2020-202x
The pandemic has a firm grip on us. We want to protect ourselves and, according to government regulations, everything has closed, airports have been deserted, highways have been swept empty during vacation time, marketplaces and shops have been closed and closed.
Forbidden, abandoned, to obey
The encounter with others is almost completely eliminated. Home office and maintaining contacts via the Internet is the order of the day. #Socialdistance the new #hashtag
Mask requirement for everyone. However, it doesn't matter what covers the mouth and nose area. Whoever goes shopping has to use it.
No one in the City Bremen
Citizens are tired of the Corona measures and are demanding more possible alternatives. The police acted more for protection because masked and violent corona deniers are loudly represented, the police keep them in check!

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