Berlin, you are my soul, my snout, my feeling. You pulsate,and provoke you are beautiful, mysterious, alive, cosmopolitan and without a skyline, so close and hearty, so distant and bloody, you have an open ear and heart for everyone, you brat and sparrow forever, your tracks lead into the future!.............©Olaf U7N
Mall of Berlin and Bundesrat in the back
Pergamon Museum

Enjoy the silence the sun and the green
Relaxing life at the Spree, like a nice spring day in Paris at the Seine
InterCityExpress between the times
Inside & Outside
PaRiS in BerLiN
Art déco room
Traintwitch with LEA
Spiral path in the "Reichstag" dome
Dino to future?
Special check, A man checked this car from the bottom with a metal detector
Holocaust Memorial,memorial to the murdered jews of europe
What is going on here!
U-Bahn Station
Room with a view, in a art déco Hotel

Mall of Berlin inception
Humboldt Forum (Neues Stadtschloß)
Innenhof Humboldt Forum
Twins, in Kreuzberg at the Spree
Breakfast at the Asta Nielsen Salon
Washing machine
Neurotitan Street Art
Freelancer in Homeoffice

Third floor please!
Berlin, du bist meine Seele, meine Schnauze, mein Gefühl. Du pulsierst und provozierst, bist wunderschön, geheimnisvoll, am Leben, weltoffen und ohne skyline, so nah und herzhaft, so fern und blutig, für jeden hast du ein offenes Ohr und Herz, du Göhre und Spatz auf Ewig, deine Gleise führen in die Zukunft!...............................©Olaf U7N
Next stop Bahnhof Zoo

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